Who Killed the Electric Car is a documentary about the short lived electric car known as the EV1 by GM. This may actually be the worst documentary I’ve ever seen. The information presented in the film was poorly researched, as well as poorly presented that it made zombies movies seem plausible. WKtEC? also made a great deal of assumptions. The first problem is assuming that everyone thinks the EV1 was a beautiful car. I personally think the car to have been bludgeoned to death by an ugly stick. The real flaw that seemed to over shadow the entire film is the idealistic misunderstanding of the film makers that GM is a car company and not an eco-friendly activist community. This movie blames everyone including the consumers for the death of the EV1. Here’s the skinny. The EV1 was an ugly, 2 seater that gets 60 miles to the charge, and costs 80k dollars. Wow, It’s amazing that failed, isn’t it? Did electric cars actually die out? Check out Tesla Motors for an electric car that may even be considered exotic.