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Destiny 2 Clans 101

WELCOME TO DESTINY 2 CLANS Destiny 2 has completely revamped the clan system in the game. In Destiny 2 your clan works together to provide perks & legendary engrams for the entire team. Beyond the obvious perks and engrams the best reason for joining a clan is the people. Destiny 2 was meant to be played with a fire team. It’s not only more exciting, it allows you to experience the synergy between the characters and find new strategies you wouldn’t experience running solo. Don’t join the first clan you find. You can search for clans on and also utilize...

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BACK IN THE DAY I grew up as a PC user until my senior year of college, which was way back in the day. Before we had the YouTubes and the FaceBooks. That’s right, I’m talking about nearly the turn of the century… 2003. As soon as I could afford to pick up my first mac for graphic design I did so, and I haven’t looked back until now. MY MAC IS FOR WORK Macs are beautiful machines. I don’t think the beauty of their industrial design is up for debate. I have rarely if ever had an issue...

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Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller by Microsoft $150 Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller The Xbox One Elite is an expensive controller, but it is also one of the best controllers on the market. From it’s refined mechanics and material to it’s programmable pads every piece of this controller has been refined. If you are looking for a gift for a gamer with an Xbox One this is one of our top...

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Affiliate Links

What is an Affiliate Program? 8BITSOUL is now an Amazon Affiliate. If you aren’t aware online merchant websites, such as Amazon or Best Buy, pay partnered websites a commission to send them traffic. They do this by providing the partnered websites with links that alert the merchant website where the customer is coming from. If you have a website where you discuss, review, or sell products affiliate programs can aid in revenue generation. Why is 8BITSOUL using the Amazon Affiliate Program? We have joined the free Amazon Affiliate program in an effort to generate revenue for the site. 8BITSOUL has...

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The Great Cereal Debate

MILK OR CEREAL Lately, a debate has been growing, “What do you pour first, Milk or Cereal?” We aren’t going to debate the alternatives to Milk. Whether you prefer Soy, Almond, Rice, or the Classic you will be able to join into this debate of cereal bowl processes. We will attempt to cover this topic in a professional and analytical way. Let’s Begin. CEREAL PREPARATION Cereal then Milk The common approach to preparing a bowl of cereal is to pour the desired amount of cereal into a bowl, followed by the desired amount of milk. This is the process accepted throughout...

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