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Affiliate Links

What is an Affiliate Program? 8BITSOUL is now an Amazon Affiliate. If you aren’t aware online merchant websites, such as Amazon or Best Buy, pay partnered websites a commission to send them traffic. They do this by providing the partnered websites with links that alert the merchant website where the customer is coming from. If you have a website where you discuss, review, or sell products affiliate programs can aid in revenue generation. Why is 8BITSOUL using the Amazon Affiliate Program? We have joined the free Amazon Affiliate program in an effort to generate revenue for the site. 8BITSOUL has lofty goals of providing higher quality content on a more consistent basis. We’ve never made a penny off of 8BITSOUL and it’s very difficult to reach the goals we have without some cashflow coming in. The Amazon links are for items related to products we are discussing, which we believe adds value to our readers experience.   We chose the Amazon Affiliate Program for a few reasons. One it’s a free service for you, and two it’s a free service for us. By using our links you’ll generate us a small percentage while incurring no extra expenses on your end.  How Much Does it Cost Me? Nothing. The best part of the Amazon affiliate links is that by using them Amazon pays us for sending them traffic. Your purchases do not increase...

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The Great Cereal Debate

MILK OR CEREAL Lately, a debate has been growing, “What do you pour first, Milk or Cereal?” We aren’t going to debate the alternatives to Milk. Whether you prefer Soy, Almond, Rice, or the Classic you will be able to join into this debate of cereal bowl processes. We will attempt to cover this topic in a professional and analytical way. Let’s Begin. CEREAL PREPARATION Cereal then Milk The common approach to preparing a bowl of cereal is to pour the desired amount of cereal into a bowl, followed by the desired amount of milk. This is the process accepted throughout the world. Many brilliant minds throughout History have enjoyed their cereal prepared in this manner. Milk then Cereal There is another method of preparing a bowl of cereal often used by psychopaths. This “process” begins with pouring milk into a container. Most likely the type of person that uses this method doesn’t have any clean bowls at the moment. A random amount of milk will do, it could be too much or too little in regards to the desired outcome. Hell, they probably ran out of milk and are just using water. They then dump cereal on top of the milk. The vast majority of cereal will float or sit on top of dry cereal. In some cases, the sheer volume of cereal will push the bottom-most cereal down into...

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Gary Oldman Spotlight

A MASTER ACTOR Gary Oldman is one of the best actor in cinema. This isn’t up for debate. There is no one that transforms into a role more than Gary Oldman. It’s not just his physical changes via makeup, but a complete change in his voice and mannerisms. He has a method that creates memorable characters. Don’t believe us? Let’s discuss just a few of his rolls; Sirius Black, Commissioner Gordon, Dracula, & Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg. DRACULA Every few years it seems we are introduced to a new Dracula. In 1992, Gary Oldman dawned the cape and fangs as...

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Marvel Netflix Iron Fist

Marvel’s Iron Fist – Netflix Original Iron Fist has existed in the Marvel universe for over 40 years, but has never been a mainstream character. Iron Fist is finally getting a real shot to show the masses what he’s made of in his own Marvel Netflix Original Series. The 13 episode series, introducing the Immortal Iron Fist, is available for your binging watching desires. This series also marks the completion of the first wave of Marvel Netflix Originals setting up a crossover series starring DareDevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, & Iron Fist, The Defenders coming later in 2017. THE STORY...

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Super Mario Maker

E3 2016 is right around the corner, and fans have never had a better look at what happens when video game companies put on their dog and pony shows. For the uninitiated, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 is an annual trade fair for the video game…

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