Destiny 2 has completely revamped the clan system in the game. In Destiny 2 your clan works together to provide perks & legendary engrams for the entire team. Beyond the obvious perks and engrams the best reason for joining a clan is the people. Destiny 2 was meant to be played with a fire team. It’s not only more exciting, it allows you to experience the synergy between the characters and find new strategies you wouldn’t experience running solo.
Don’t join the first clan you find. You can search for clans on Bungie.net and also utilize the forums. You’ll see clans recruiting, and other players posting that they are looking for a clan. It’s actually a pretty simple process if you are honest with what you are looking for. There are thousands (probably) of Destiny 2 clans and if you want a good experience you should look for one that aligns with your play style.
The most important is obviously to let people know what platform your are playing on, PS4, XBOX, or PC. Next you are typically looking for a clan that is active when you usually are, and speaks the same language is usually a plus. If you are a casual player in England you will not get the full clan experience joining a hardcore clan in Eastern America that Raids every night. Sure you speak the same language, but you’ll be asleep when they are attempting the Leviathan Raid, and even attempting a raid might be too much for you. Perhaps you like to drop f-bombs while playing crucible, then a family friendly raid probably isn’t for you. All we are saying is find players that like to play the same way you do.


Once you’ve joined a clan you’ll notice your Emblem know lists your clan tag under your name. You aren’t an active member of the clan just, yet. Log into the game and go to Hawthorne to pick up your Clan Banner. You will need to do this each season and with each character. It’s a small thing, but important if you want the perks and rewards that come with being a clan member.


The first season of Destiny 2 was about 3 months. We are in Season 2 currently and believe that 3 months is the standard for a seasons length, but we’ll confirm. During a season the entire clan can generate points through in game activities. These points allow a clan to rank up their banner levels. A clan can rank up to level 6 in the course of a season.
It’s take 125000 XP to advance a level. Each player’s contribution is limited to 15000 XP per week, 5000 per character. You earn Clan XP by playing Strikes, Raids, Quests, Adventures, Patrols and Crucible. Higher levels of challenge provide more XP. On average it will take under 2 hours to max out a character per week. You can see your clan & character progression in the Destiny 2 companion app.


  • Level 1: Friends to Play With
    There are no perks for Level 1 Clans… but you’ll have clan members to play with.
  • Level 2: The Extra Mile
    Completing the weekly clan milestone rewards an additional 5 Legendary Shards
  • Level 3: Vex Slayer
    Improves rewards from eliminating Vex enemies
  • Level 4: Mercurial Luck
    Chance to receive an additional Simulation Seed when one is collected on Mercury
  • Level 5: Crucible Hoarder
    Chance to gain a second Crucible token whenever you receive one
  • Level 6: Explore the Infinite
    Chance to receive a Legendary engram when completing Heroic adventures on Mercury with your clan members
The clan banner perks do stack. Meaning once you reach Level 6 you will be taking advantage of all levels perks. It is a noticeable difference in Loot compared to the relatively slower grind of playing the game without a clan, or before reaching higher levels.


Beyond the clan banner perks you also have the chance to earn up to 4 Legendary Engrams per week. Everyone in the clan member will be able to receive an engram from Hawthorne if two, or more, clan members complete one of the following activities together:


Trials of the Nine



Keep in mind that this is a weekly perk and they will expire. Be sure to pick up the engram from Hawthorne before the weekly reset, Tuesday at 12PM Eastern, or you will not be able to collect them.


The Oathkeeper’s Score is a progress system that you can find on clan pages on Bungie.net. In Guided Games, finishing activities and playing according to the Guardian Oath lead to better scores. This applies to Nightfall Strikes and Raids. If you are a new player or a sherpa this may be something worth reviewing when looking for a clan. These activities do not gain more XP for the clan than completing those activities normally.


That’s it. You know know everything you need to know about clans. Pick one that works for you, remember to get your banner, be active in your clans community and we’ll have a better time with the game. Now you can jump on Bungie.net and look for you a clan that’s the right fit for you. If you are looking for one to get you started check out the [8BIT] 8 Bit Soul Clan.