Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has apparently reached a level where it can be advertised strictly by it’s alliteration. The Ninja Turtles have returned to the silver screen and entered the world of 3D animation. TMNT takes place a few years after the live-action movies (the first movie still holds up). Shredder is dead. Casey Jones and April O’Neil are living together. Leonardo has been gone training in South America. Raphael has begun fighting under the name of NightWatcher. The group is thrown back together as an immortal resurrects his fallen comrades. The Villian is surprisingly deep and insightful. It adds a level to the movie you just don’t expect. The Animation fluid and lends it’s self incredibly well to the subject matter. An interesting thing about TMNT is that it isn’t a very good jumping on point. You won’t be lost as to what is happening, but your understanding of the characters will be very limited. Whether you are new to the Ninja Turtles, or you remember the days of phrase like “Cowabunga”, it’s good times.