This is one of those movies that shows how well marketing actually works. The DaVinci Code was uneventful at best. The story seemed to drag on. The climax of the movie was 30 minutes before the end of the movie. I turned around at one point to see three rows of sleeping people. The acting was good, no complaints there, but the adaptation of the book was poor. Explanations where almost childish. I don’t like to judge a movie on a book but I’d also like to point out that the only reason soooo many people thought “The DaVinci Code” was a good book is because, 90% of those people don’t actually read books. Many people that don’t read books heard they had to read this one, they did and they liked it. It’s easy to say a book is great when you are comparing it to everything they made you read in your second grade reading class. Angels & Demons was a far better book, and would have made a better movie. Same Author, same main character… better story. Instead of shelling out 10 bucks to watch this movie. Go buy a copy of Angels & Demons, you’ll thank me. I’d like to point out a huge flaw in this movie as well and this will be a spoiler so if you intend to watch this movie you may want to read the rest of this afterwards.

Here is the flaw to the controversy of The DaVinci Code: Showing that you have the same DNA as a harlot does not prove that you are a direct decedent of Jesus. If you think it would change the Christian beliefs in any way here is something that may cause you shortness of breathe. Jesus had a brother, his name was James.