Tekkon Kinkreet is an amazing anime. The story is about balance. It’s shown in many different forms but the main point is the balance of souls. This is shown most prevalently in the brotherhood of Black and White. Black’s personality is as his name implies shroud in darkness. White his younger brother is almost the opposite. These homeless brothers “own” the streets of the city. This city however is the battle ground of a constant power struggle. While the story is rich with content and fantastic characters the pacing is a bit slow at times.Tekkon Kinkreet is simply a work of art. The background animation is a amazingly beautiful experience. I personally am not a huge fan of the character’s design, but the animation of the characters is fantastic. You will not get a better sense of speed in an anime.This is a fantastic edition to anyones anime collection. A small downside when related to the DVD or Blu Ray versions is that there is little to no special features attached with this movie. While this is a fantastic movie, it may not be the best movie to introduce someone to the anime genre. That being said, I loved it.