Superman Returns is on par with Spiderman in terms of execution. This movie was visually stunning in every way. The movie does not revamp the franchise, but instead takes the bizarre approach of creating a sequel to Superman II the Donor Cut. A premise the general public is unaware of.  I had no complaints about any of the acting and even found the actor playing Superman to be a perfect fit. I now understand why “Cyclops” followed Brian Singer over to Superman.

The real problem with the movie was the story. The pacing was slow and the overall story was bland. It also took a step so far in the wrong direction that it will obviously kill this movies chances of having a sequel. We tend to refrain from spoilers, but this one needs to be address. Superman is a dead beat father in this movie. That is current. Superman has a son with Lois Lane… but he wasn’t around to raise him.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was. I liked the campy throw backs, the iconic scenes, and the experience of seeing Superman on the big screen. I hated most of the story… maybe all of it. Not the full experience I was hoping for with my hopes of what a Super Hero movie has the potential to be.