A red headed girl dressed as an angel and dowsed in soot is running down the road and stops at the entrance to a dark alley. Some Girl starts off in such a captivating way that it hits you like a ton of bricks right then and there, this entire movie will not be as good as this one scene is visually balanced. And right at that moment you are confronted with a sign confirming your thoughts, “Two Weeks Ago”.

Some Girl is a train wreck. Not to say that it’s all bad. And just like a train wreck it’s not unwatchable. But the overall feeling is that it’s not a good thing. The cinematography of this film is solid, but it unfortunately losses the sense of style the intro had. It seemed like there might be something deeper, perhaps some inherent symbolism. Sadly, it was no where to be found. My complaints are not with the cinematography, though.

The writing of Some Girl is where the movie falls apart. The characters are entirely unbelievable. Beyond that, for the most part they are unlikable. The main aspects of the movie, mainly focusing around relationships, are written with a severe disconnect from the understandings of relationships. One a bright side, the comedic one liners are actually really good. The movie had potential, but it suffered greatly from this being Marissa Ribisi’s first screenplay.

Overall, the movie isn’t good, and isn’t bad. The director probably did the best he could with what the script had to offer. Giovanni Ribisi still gave a fantastic character performance. Some Girl is par for the course. It is a movie. You won’t feel as if you’ve waisted your time with it, yet you must likely wouldn’t buy this in less you are some kind of completist. Blah, blah, blah…