Snakes on a Plane became a pop cult classic before the movie even came out. This is the first B rated movie that I can think of to make it to the silver screen with all the hype of the summer block buster. A small demographic’s love of of Samuel L Jackson using profanity is the driving force of this movie.

All that having been said it was a rather entertaining movie. Gruesome deaths where plentiful while the scares where somewhat limited. The movie mildly lives up to it’s R rating with brief nudity and multiple using of the F word in all it’s variations. The movie wasn’t as campy as I was expecting and actually had a bit of a story as unbelievable as it that may be. The special effects on the snakes was below my expectations, I must say. All other effects where on par for current movies. If your girlfriend is afraid of snakes bring her along and don’t let her hold the popcorn.

I think Samuel L Jackson says it best when describing this movie… It’s mother$@#%ing Snakes on a Plane.