Reign Over Me has been advertised as a movie about Charlie Fineman, played by Adam Sandler, who has lost his way since the loss of his family in the September 11th tragedy. Reign Over Me is actually about Dr. Alan Johnson, played by Don Cheadle, during a confusing time in his life when he feels like he’s losing sight of who he is. Responsibility and family life is weighing down on him, when he runs into his old college roommate Charlie Fineman. Charlie Fineman almost embodies freedom from a glance. As Dr. Johnson explores his friendship with Charlie, it brings to light the things that are important in his own life. While Charlie’s lose is covered in the movie, it is more of a tool used in the exploration of life which his movie portrays. This film is one of the best written films I’ve ever seen. It sets the tone of the film and works through a flurry of emotions from depression to happiness. The cinematography lends it’s self to the feel of the story so well that you become completely emerged in the story. It filming of the movie has an emotion to it. The camera portrays a gravity to it. The angles stay at an eye level, which gives off a heavier realistic quality. I recommend this movie for anyone. Go rent it.