Who doesn’t want superpowers? *$%!, I want to fly just as much as the next Psi-blasting fire shooting freak and this is as close as you are going to get. City of Villains combines solo play for all you mean loner types and “super-grouping” for those of you who need a helping hand when tackling those tougher heroes and foes.

The supergroup mode is where the game gets into the more fun aspects, teamwork, hate control, and all other general battle strategies. When you’re in a group you can have any odd number of possibilities, fire, ice, raw energy, and radiation flying everywhere.

Character creation is the single hardest part of the game (and probably where all you perverted types will spend most of your time). Start with the type of villain you want, Brute (comparable to Hulk or Colossus), Stalker (comparable to Wolverine or Psylocke), Mastermind (much like Magneto), Controller (comparable to Storm), and finally Corruptor (most like Jean Grey, in a supportive role).

The Origin that you select defines what types of enhancements you are able to use, each class has the same enhancements. Try not to get too caught up on your origin; the five types are technology, mutation, natural, scientific, and magic. After selecting your archetype, and origin it is time to select your power sets. They’re your types of attacks or defense buffers, generally being fire, ice, and radiation and energy manipulation powers. For example, if you select Brute you can choose Super-strength as your power set, and then jab or punch as your beginning attacks. Each will do different amounts of damage. However each power you select may have different attack speeds and chances to disorient, stun, freeze, hold, etc. whatever you pick will be permanent so make sure you like what you choose. Choose whatever power sets your twisted little mind desires.

After selecting powers you can fully customize the way your villain looks. Body types, height, weight, and other physical attributes. For all you perverts reading this don’t get stuck on chest size trying to create “Wonder Boobies”, I already made her. All you perverted ladies beware I am an equal opportunity oppressor, so leave the crotch size alone. Unless you’re trying to create me, Gamma; in which case make the crotch size as large as possible. After your powers and proportions are taken care of you can create your costume however you like. You get four total costumes so don’t worry too much on how you look; you can always use a different one. Once your creation is complete try to find a clever name that hasn’t been taken yet, much like “WonderBoobies”.

Stick with your hero/villain, every hero grows into their power set around level 20. All power sets have a great number of assets you simply have to pay your dues when your low level. There will be plenty to do after the creation process as well including but not limited to base-raiding, super-group PVP battles, solo missions, supergroup missions, and plenty more content.

This game is simply a Taco-Bell Midnight Run. While its fun to play as the villain, it lacks a better battle system. Leaving you a little stranded looking and wanting more. For a better game try something like FF11 online.