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Author: Wonder Bread

City of Villains

Who doesn’t want super powers? Shit, I want to fly just as much as the next Psi-blasting fire shooting freak and this is as close as you are going to get. City of Villains combines solo play for all you mean loner types and “super-grouping” for those of you who need a helping hand when tackling those tougher heroes and foes. The super group mode is where the game gets into the more fun aspects, team work, hate control, and all other general battle strategy. When you’re in a group you can have any odd number of possibilities, fire, ice, raw energy, and radiation flying everywhere. Character creation is the single hardest part of the game (and probably where all you perverted types will spend most of your time). Start with the type of villain you want, Brute (comparable to Hulk or Colossus), Stalker (comparable to Wolverine or Psylocke), Mastermind (much like Magneto), Controller (comparable to Storm), and finally Corruptor (most like Jean Grey, in a supportive role). The Origin that you select defines what types of enhancements you are able to use, each class has the same enhancements. Try not to get too caught up on your origin; the five types are technology, mutation, natural, scientific, and magic. After selecting your archetype, and origin it is time to select your power sets. They’re your types of attacks or...

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