Did you know that before Clerks 2 , Jeff Anderson and Tervor Fehrman had teamed up in another Jersey based comedy? Neither did I, and now I know why. The general idea is, on the eve of his bachelor party, a man learns his fiancee wants to call off the wedding. The unmarried couple returns to New Jersey to sort out their relationship. The cinematography is horrid. The story is boring… and the characters are umm…. zzz.

Instead of telling you about this movie, let me tell you something funny that happened during this movie instead. My roommates, and I are watching, “Now You Know” and my girlfriend walks into the living room and asks what we are watching as she looks at the screen. I replied, “Now You Know”. She stormed off rather upset saying something to the effect of, “I only asked what you where watching”. We had a good laugh about that.