Me and You and Everyone We Know is… boring. Horribly friggin’ boring. It’s not so much a slice of life as it is a crumb of the mundane. You have a shoe salesman that sets himself on fire just to get his children’s attention. Then they try to make him seem likable? Interesting thought, kinda. Not really. All the seemingly pointless short stories tie together to form one slightly larger cinema length story. The only scene worth actually mentioning is the blow job scene. Two girls are fighting over which is better at giving blow jobs because of something a pervert had written them. They decide to battle it out with a blind test on the shoe salesmen’s son. Beyond that you have a small child with a rather creative imagination that finds a woman on line that is interested in letting him poop into her butt, and then having her poop it back into his, forever. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then you are no longer allowed to read this blog. Hit Alt+F4, quickly.