I Am Legend is based on the Richard Matheson book of the same name. It’s the time honored story of the last man on earth. This particular movie takes place in Manhattan, a small deviation from the book (Vegas), where the cure for cancer has backfired and become a plague that turns humans into zombie vampire like creatures. Robert Neville, humanities last survivor, is immune to this plague and is living in Manhattan as he attempts to create a cure.

Robert Neville, played by Will Smith, is accompanied by his dog, Samantha. I Am Legend focuses on the mental state of Robert Neville. You see the ways he’s built a small sense of normality in his unique situation. His focus, his life revolves around the search for a cure. This makes for an amazingly tense moment when an element from his “normal life” is moved. I won’t ruin the scene.

The style of the film, the feel it portrays, works with the story incredibly well. Unfortunately, I found the actual creatures to be rather disappointing. The level of graphics just wasn’t up to the level I was hoping for. They actually reminded me of the lead antagonist from “the Mummy”. This isn’t to say it was bad, it was just slightly less then I was hoping for. The ending of the film also has a HUGE plot hole, but it may be more of a nitpick I guess I’ll have to see. Definitely worth a watch.