I was told that Hostel was 30 minutes of porn and 60 minutes of torture, to bring a barf bag, & I would love it. I saw it and umm… not so much except for the latter comment. The concept is good. The storyline is *$%!. By the way that isn’t the same thing. Two Americans in search for ass is an acceptable storyline, daily practice even. But to leave Amsterdam to go to Slovakia in search of it? Americans are lazy. We just wouldn’t go that far. I’ll agree there was probably a good 30 minutes of soft core porn as far as rated R movies go. The rest of the movie was not about torture. There was nothing more gruesome in this movie then any other horror movie of late such as Saw. The big surprise is for the first time we are confronted with a realistic badass main character in a horror movie. The big improvement being that this is not a chick that will run up stairs but a guy that will steal a car to get the hell out. This movie doesn’t really fit in with any other movie. It’s not the greatest movie, but it is one enjoyable ride with a great ending. Grab the guys, a big bag of popcorn & a gallon of soda and enjoy.