More of a spinoff then a sequel to Bruce Almighty. Evan Almighty focus of the other new anchor as he moves on from Buffalo to become a Senator. Soon after settling into his new life as Senator he begins to see signs. The numbers 314, as in Genesis 3.14 the story of Noah’s Arc, starts popping up in everything he does. Not only that but animals begin following him around in pairs. God, played by Morgan Freeman once again, shows up to set up the deal. Reluctantly Senator Evan Baxter, played by Steve Carell, takes on his role as the new Noah. He and his family along with some animals build the arc, and animals come from all over to fill it side by side. This story has a bit of a twist from your usual Noah’s Arc story. Evan Almighty falls a bit short of Bruce Almighty. There are some funny scenes, but over all it is a very forgettable movie. This is a film to fill the time or to entertain a few youngsters, but nothing to make a night of.