Guillermo del Toro

Before Pan’s Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro wove another movie set in the days of the Spanish Civil War. The story revolves around the orphanage where a young boy named Carlos is left by his tutor. Before long he stumbles across the dark secret of the death of a young boy. The Devil’s Backbone falls into the genre of Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, Fantasy, but at it’s core it is a ghost story. This is another movie that just shows how amazingly talented Guillermo del Toro is. His story is filled with twists and portrayed in an amazing way. The music adds such an amazing mood to the film. The art direction is fantastic, just one look at one of the ghosts and you will understand that this film has brought something new to the table. One small warning, this is a spanish subtitled movie, but regardless I highly suggest you experience the Devil’s Backbone.