A tribe is ambushed and captured by the Aztec’s and we follow the prophecy of a small sick girl and the escape of a young man named Jaguar Paw. This movie is also subtitled from a long lost language, similar to Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. This movie was fantastic. You are invested in these characters before you realize it, you’ll laugh with them and then feel a need to see characters avenged throughout the story. I was skeptical about seeing this movie and thought it would drag, but I was amazed at how well done this movie was. Visually the film is stimulating and exciting. The use of color and cinematography complements the story perfectly. I wouldn’t change a single aspect of the story, and was entertained for the entire time. It was a perfectly paced film, which is impressive considering the movie ranks in at nearly two hours and twenty minutes. You don’t even notice the time go by. The movie is no longer in theaters, but look for it on DVD in March.