This documentary intertwines a Global Warming Presentation given by Al Gore and his life experiences. An Inconvenient Truth brings to light a vast amount of information which I had never heard about regarding global warming. It paints a chilling portrait of the none to distant future. The information feels biased at best. There are some serious holes in the information presented that are too hard to overlook. For instance, all data on CO2 levels ends in 1970. Which leads one to wonder if the data post 1970 didn’t support the narrative.

I believe that Global Warming is an important issue that should be addressed, but I do not believe that this movie was executed in a way that will sway people. The scenes that bring Al Gore’s personal and professional life into the mix do nothing but distract from the topic at hand. I walked away from this movie wondering if I had in fact just watched a cleverly disguised presidential campaign for Al Gore.