Dr. Grahm, played by Al Pacino, is the leading authority on serial killers in Seattle. Someone has picked up the exact habits of a serial killer that Jack Grahm landed on Death Row. Now questions are being asked as to wether or not Dr. Grahm got the right man. He has no doubts and suspects everyone. Soon after the first of these new murders Dr. Grahm gets a phone call letting him know he has 88 minutes to live. Suspense ensues.

Al Pacino was Al Pacino, which is entertaining on its own. This movie however wasn’t very entertaining. It wasn’t good, and it wasn’t bad. It was very much par for the course, and the movie felt phoned in. Nothing new, and even the end scenes feels very much like any other generic murder mystery. If Al Pacino hadn’t been in it I don’t think it would have even made the theaters. Kinda sad for a movie that was supposed to be released back in 2005. 88 Minutes might be an adequate movie for a cold rainy day if you come across it on TV.