28 Days Later was a landmark in Zombie Films. It brought a style to the genre that it needed to be relevant in a gore porn filled society. 28 Weeks Later exists in the same world as 28 Days Later but focus on a new aspect. The film focuses on the rehabilitation of London 28 weeks after the last known infected person has died of the rage virus through the eyes of the only two children involved. The film starts off with a level of brutality that the average american audience is not used to at such an early stage in a film. It easily removes any worries you have of this sequel not living up to the original. The rage virus begins to spread again. The U.S. military attempts to clean the slate, but do to a little twist of fate and some hereditary genes… the infection spreads. This was a entertaining survival film, with fantastic direction. While the story is not incredibly deep it’s not really what this series is about. If you enjoyed the first movie, this is a must.