Morgan Freeman, playing himself I suppose, is considering taking a role in an independent film. Freeman is dropped of at a small supermarket in an economically depressed area to do some research for his role. While absorbing everything he can about the workings of the supermarket as well as mimicking the characteristics of it’s workers. He ends up befriending the cashier, Scarlet, from the “10 Items or” Less lane.

Scarlet takes pity on Freeman mostly because his inability to survive in the real world shines through soon after he realizes he has been abandoned at the supermarket. Through this odd set of circumstances Scarlet set out on an adventure of sorts.This movie is really about juxtaposition. Everything in the film is in contrast to everything else yet moving in the same direction. Wether it be lifestyles or preconceptions this story does an excellent job of bringing it all together.

Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega (Scarlet) have a unique chemistry on screen that makes this movie so entertaining. The pacing of the film is odd at times, but all and all I found it to be a really enjoyable film that is just a little off of center.