Yesterday starts off with promise, but it’s quickly forgotten like yesterday’s news (no pun intended). Yesterday is billed as a futuristic sci fi cop thriller, but it’s nothing more than a mediocre attempt at sci fi. Yes, it does take place in the future, and they get to show off some nifty gadgets, but there’s nothing in the story that needs it to take place in the future. It could have taken place in the present, or even recent past, and you’d never notice a difference. Director Yun-su Jeon starts off with an interesting premise, but then gets tripped up and forgets to explain what’s going on.

About the only thing the movie had going for it was its action scenes, which were far and few at times. One of the biggest problems with the movie were the characters. There was no depth to them and at times you wonder why they do what they did, because it seems out of character for the little we’ve been exposed to. At least the look of the movie is impressive, as the 3D futuristic outdoor scenes looked great as did all the little gadgets they used, they were able to blend them in seamlessly.

I had high hopes for the movie, but was ultimately very disappointed in it. It’s bad enough that while writing this I can’t think of many positive things to say. I guess you can say, the less said the better.