It’s been a long time coming, eighteen years if you haven’t been counting, so you can only imagine the anticipation that had built up for the big screen debut of Springfield’s first family. So it’s safe to say the spotlight was shining on the movies quality quite brightly. Thankfully they got it right and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

The Simpsons Movie starts off with possibly the best Itchy and Scratchy episode ever, letting us know that they plan on presenting the best adventure the Simpsons have ever been on. They start pouring on the jokes and gags right away and never let off of the throttle. You will literally need to pay attention the entire time because there are so many visual gags and references that it can distract you from the story. I’m not going to spoil the plot for you, because let’s be honest… there’s precious little of it. Ultimately though this is really Homer’s odyssey. Watching his trials and tribulations you have a real emotional attachment to the big oaf.

One of the things that worried most about seeing the Simpsons on the big screen was how they’d look, thankfully they all look great. There’s a blend of the traditional 2D style with a bit of some 3D cgi to enhance it and it takes the Simpsons to a new level. It was still all simpsons though, just a bit more enhanced. The writing was top notch as well, throwing jokes out left and right and making everything work well together. You get to see things that would never have made it into the television version, people smoking bongs, Marge swearing and lots more. It just adds that much more to the world of Springfield. This is definitely one big screen adaptation they got right. The only reason I can’t give it five stars is its length. An hour and fifteen minutes is too short… we need more!