Let me just preface this by saying that I’ve never read any of the Seeker books by Susan Cooper so I’m coming into this with a fresh perspective and hold no expectations of what The Seeker: The Dark is Rising should deliver. The movie revolves around Will Stanton, played by Alexander Ludwig, an American teen whose father has taken a job in England and moved the entire family with him. It’s Christmas break and we find Will searching for a Christmas present for his little sister Gwen, played by Emma Lockhart, as he’s accosted by two security guards who harass him for signs. Having been spooked by the two men and not knowing what they’re looking for Will takes a chance and makes a successful escape.

Knowing that no one will believe him, he keeps those days events to himself. Later, at a Christmas party he finds that family friends Merriman Lyon, played by Ian McShane, and Lady Greythorne, played by Frances Conroy, are Old Ones, protectors of The Light who believe that Will is the savior of mankind from the forces of The Dark. Will comes face to face with The Rider, played by Christopher Eccleston, a powerful servant of the Dark that’s intent on using the signs to enslave the world in an eternal darkness. It goes without saying that Will succeeds in his quest, but the manner in which he does so shouldn’t be revealed here. Watch the movie and enjoy it.

I thought the acting was top notch and the actors put forth their best effort despite a somewhat weakened script. Having been based on a book you know there was a lot more that could have been included in the movie. Now I’m not saying they should have aimed for a Lords of the Rings type trilogy, but they certainly could have added at least another 30 minutes to the movie to help flush things out a bit better. Looks wise, the visualization in the movie was outstanding as well as the cinematography.

Overall, I was somewhat impressed with the story and most of all the acting. I found myself enjoying the story more than I thought I would have. It’s definitely something I’d recommend you check out.