The last of the Stargate movies, or at least that’s what we’ve been told, Continuum takes the franchise and ratchets it up a notch. Continuum is unrelated to the previous Stargate movies, with the Ori having been dealt with SG-1 faces some familiar foes in an alternate time line. It would seem that Baal has made a last-ditch attempt to control Earth and the universe by going back in time and preventing Stargate Command from ever forming. It has all the makings for plenty of cameos and lots of action.

After capturing what they believe to be the last of the Ba’al clones, SG-1 attends a Tok’ra extraction ceremony to ensure everything goes smoothly and ensure that one of their most annoying enemies is finally put to rest. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned and SG-1, or what’s left of them, find themselves stuck in an alternate time line where the Stargate was never found and the Stargate program never existed. This leaves Earth ripe for picking by Baal and the various system lords that now pledge their allegiance to him.

Since the Stargate program never existed SG-1 is not the same, with just Colonel’s Carter and Mitchell along with Daniel Jackson left to set things right while facing skepticism from the leadership on the alternate Earth. As you’d probably imagine, all is set right but at what cost?

The focus on SG-1 drives the plot. In a story with so many potential distractions, it’s great to be able to keep track of the team and follow them. While the team might not be whole, you’re still able to keep track of what the others are doing without distracting from the story at all. Kudos must be given for such a tight script.

It was nice seeing all the Stargate alumni on screen for one final hurrah. Apophis, Major Davis, Kronos, Yu, General Hammond and President Hayes are but a few cameos you’ll spot. What better way to end the series than by giving past characters one last sending off. Especially with Don Davis’ recent passing.

The production values are the best you’ve ever seen for Stargate, rivaling the movie that launched it all. Whereas Ark of Truth felt like a big tv episode, Continuum has all the hallmarks of a larger production. Impressive outdoor sequences using actual jets and submarines, a large cast and a suitably grand storyline. It made it feel like an actual movie, instead of an extended television episode.

Continuum is Stargate SG-1’s swan song, and it leaves you feeling fulfilled. After following the team for over ten years you’ll be left with the feeling that all is right within the world of SG-1. With the Ori gone, and now the last of the system lords also gone you’re left with the feeling that life will be easier. SG-1 will be able to get back to its core, exploration. For fans of the series, this is a must see. If you’re not a fan, you should still see it. The story is good enough that you won’t feel lost. SG-1 has gone out on top.