My first review for a PS3 game and it couldn’t have been a better game to review. Rock Band is the latest interactive game from Harmonix, the guys behind Guitar Hero, MTV Game and EA. It’s taken group play to a whole new level. Harmonix has crammed a huge entertainment experience onto one small disc. The game is immensely fun and rewarding and with a nearly endless replay value that’s bolstered by downloadable content. Whether you play as a group or solo you’ll find yourself immersed in the Rock Band world, as you try to conquer some of your favorite songs.

Rock Band brings two new experiences to the world of musical gaming. The first and more obvious is the drumming system, which can be complicated and engrossing. If you’ve never played the drums before then you’ll need to start practicing because it’s not the easiest thing to master. The second distinct experience here is the group dynamic. Rock Band embraces the group idea by gearing all the songs and the brunt of the new gameplay at people who are playing together. A lengthy and varied World Tour mode lets you build a band from nothing into the next big thing. The idea of group unison and co-operation is so ingrained that each band member can save the performance from disaster by yanking failed instruments back in.

Rock Band even allows for character customization, from your hairstyle, the color of your hair to the clothes and accessories you wear. You can even purchase or gain (through gameplay) various instruments. You can create the way you and your band looks down to every detail. Add in the visuals that throw you into a world of music videos with their close-up camera angles and grainy filters and you’ll feel like you’re debuting on MTV. And, as usual, the writing in tutorials, menus, and loading screens have that entertaining sarcastic spin.

Overall, Rock Band is an immensely fun game if you’re playing solo and it’s even more fun when you’ve got a group together. Harmonix did an outstanding job and will continue to support the game through downloadable content, such as the Metallica three pack I bought, which will give life to game for months to come. Rock Band is definitely a game to pick up and worth it’s $170 price tag.