If vampire sci fi movies is your thing, then Perfect Creature is definitely something for you to check out. Set in Nuovo Zelandia, an alternate universe version of a turn of the century New Zealand with a new/retro feel to it. It’s a dirty place with modern science and quasi modern technology, in some ways it’s pretty original. The movie deals with the Brotherhood, genetically created vampires that live in harmony with humans, and a human police offer who are on the trail of a rogue vampire. One of the Brotherhoods proudest achievements is the fact that no human had ever been killed by one of “the Brothers”, that is until Brother Edgar, played by Leo Gregory.

It seems that Brother Edgar had become infected with the influenza virus when working on a cure for the disease and it’s caused him to go a bit insane. Haven broken ranks, Edgar began killing off members of the human population. His “brother”, Silus, played by Dougray Scott, is out to stop Edgar before news spreads that humans are being feasted upon. When a boy witnesses Edgar feasting on a human local police are brought in to investigate the murder. The Brotherhood have no choice but to come out with the news to the police that Edgar’s been on the loose for a while. Silus partners with a female police officer named Lilly, played by Saffron Burrows, to hunt down and stop Edgar’s plans for spreading his own form of the flu using his own blood.

Pefect Creature never received a theatrical release in the US, but deserved one. With a wider audience it certainly could have developed a cult following that it certainly deserves. The production values are excellent and the acting, and directing are also done very well. The one downside though is where it fails in generating excitement. You’ve got moments of action, but they seem to be at odds with the mood of the film. I guess you could say that it’s a bit slow when it shouldn’t be and not exciting enough when it should be.

Overall Perfect Creature isn’t a bad film at all, on the contrary it’s quite enjoyable. Just don’t expect anything that will change movies forever or even blow your socks off. Sit back and relax and enjoy the film.