Hmm…. words can’t explain how great of a game G.R.A.W. is!!!

G.R.A.W. is based on soldiers in the future with plenty of high tech equipment. This game is the perfect mixture of full blown live action and stealth. Not to say it lacks realism. I mean if your 6’3″ 300 pounds, such as myself, you will not be stealthy; you will just be a human shield. The aspect that sold me on this game was the 16 multiplayer capabilities. I was amazed that Microsoft geeks actually thought of something fun, rather then some nerdy pc game.

Right off the bat you will not like the controller setup. Difficult is not even the word to describe the set up. To control your soldier properly it will require quick reaction, recollection, and repetitiveness. This isn’t a button basher type of game and if you’re a stoner, good luck! You’re making the game even more of a challenge for yourself.

Once the controls are under your belt you are in for some fun. The graphics are some of the best the XBOX 360 has pumped out so far. If looks alone don’t sell you the replay value will. It’s hard to get bored with a game like this. You have so much to do your could play it over, and over, and over again.

A little warning: Your fellow soldiers are idiots! They enjoy candle lit dinners, long walks on the beach, and standing in the middle of the road to fire their weapon. It’s nice to have some backup, BUT do to their wise discussion to engage the enemy away from all cover they get shot constantly. Then the whining starts. They lie in the middle of the road crying for aid. Now you have to come out of your safety zone and assist these idiots. Who in turn will stand in the middle of the road to get just again and cry for aid. Now what I do is just let them die, and fend off my enemies alone. Although, I’ll mix it up a little and use them as bait so my radar can detect all the enemies in the general area from time to time as well.

This game is VERY good. I’ve only talked about the single player mode; multiplayer mode on Xbox is Amazing. You can have 8 on 8, now what other system can support that? Not SONY. You can have multiple kinds of co-op choices, single player choices, and team vs. team choices. If you’re going to buy a 360, make this your first game. If u can master this you can master any game on the XBOX 360. . This game is a definite buy or else you’re a classified loser.