Is this it? Can this be the final Futurama feature ever made? Into the Wild Green Yonder is the fourth, and last, feature length Futurama project and possibly the last time we’ll ever see any new Futurama material. So do they go out on a high note, or with a wimper? Thankfully, for the most part it’s the former.

Into the Wild Green Yonder finds the crew of Planet Express at the construction site of New Mars Vegas, Leo Wong’s latest venture. While Wong’s crew is clearing space for a new parking lot, Leela rescues the last of the Mars leeches, which is now dangerously close to extinction. This sets up the rest of the movie, while pitting the crew against each other in the struggle to save the galaxy from Wong’s attempt to turn it into the biggest mini-golf course in existence.

While on Mars, Fry obtains the power to read minds and is drafted into the Legion of the Mad Fellows. He’s tasked with trying to stop evil forces from destroying the gateway to the “green age”. Also trying to stop Wong is Leela, who has joined an eco-feminist group called the Feministas. Joining Leela is Amy and LaBarbara, who quickly find themselves the run from the government and Zapp Brannigan after accidentally killing Vice-President Agnew’s body. In an unrelated side story, Bender has an affair with the Robot Mafia Don-Bot’s wife before coming to the aid of Zap Brannigan.

For the most part, the three prior Futurama movies have been solid, Bender’s Big Score was top notch. The Beast with a Billion Backs was excellent, but Bender’s Game was probably the worst of the three. The last installment, Into the Wild Green Yonder is probably the best of the four. The feature has a more cohesive feel to it, the laughs are a plenty and it just comes together well.

One of the last scenes from the feature is geared directly for the fans of the show. Everyone turns out for Wong’s big explosion and by everyone, I mean pretty much everyone. The large crowd has characters we haven’t seen in years, all sitting there for you to pick out. It’s a sort of farewell to the fans, with one last hurrah.

Overall, Into the Wild Green Yonder is a good way to go out… if that happens to be the case. It’s smart, witty, and ties in the various stories well. It’s sad knowing that this could possibly be the last time you’ll ever get to watch an original Futurama story, but it’s satisfying knowing that they gave it their all. For fans of Futurama this is an absolute must see, for fans of entertaining comedy this should be on your list. Futurama knows how to satisfy its fans, and most importantly anyone looking to enjoy a nice movie.