Have it your way! Or at least that what we always see from those Burger King commercials. Well here’s BK offering up three Xbox 360 games for $3.99 a pop when you purchase a value meal, so who can refuse? Up first was Pocketbike Racer, which like its name says is a racer that takes place on pocket bikes

There are five different race types in the game: Standard Race (racing around tracks with boost and gadgets enabled), Battle Royale (win by hitting your enemies a predetermined amount of times with your gadgets), Cone Trial (try to reach the required amount of points by going through the cones), Ultimate Time Trial (you against the clock to get your best time), and Hardcore Racing (same as the Standard Race, but without the use of boost or gadgets).

There are three tournament cups for each of the four main race types, but unlike other racing games, it didn’t seem like the higher ranked tournaments brought anything different in regards to advanced AI or a harder difficulty level.

There are only five levels in the game, Burger King parking lot, a suburban neighborhood, a construction zone, a mansion and its enormous estate, and Whopperland (that place in those BK commercials with Darius Rucker dressed as a cowboy singing). The levels look decent, but certainly not next gen. It feels like it’s something you could get off of the Xbox Marketplace.

The game has an interesting cast of characters, featuring the Burger King mascot, Whopper Jr. (that kid in a burger costume), Brooke Burke, some BK employees and the Subservient Chicken. You can also create your own character for use if you’d like. This will probably sound somewhat perverted, but I must admit that they did a great job on Brooke Burke’s ass. It look nice!

The game also has Xbox Live multi-player availability, but by now you should know that I don’t play many games online. I like to finish the game before venturing online with it. For $3.99 you can’t go wrong, it’s a fun game to throw in and play and if you get a few friends to race you at the same time it’s even better. I just might have to tryout the other BK games.