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Author: Kynde

Ninja Gaiden Black

I’ll say right off the bat, this game is HARD! Sure you can get through it on easy, or even the “ninja dog” difficulty, but to truly beat it and open up all of the added content, you need some serious skills. Ninja Gaiden Black is a re-release of Ninja Gaiden that came out almost 2 years ago. I never picked up the original, as far as know it was a bad ass game already. What was added? Missions, weapons, harder (and easier) difficulties, new costumes and the ability to play the original Ninja Gaiden arcade game. Most of the new features have to be unlocked by accomplishing certain tasks, but they’re worth it. So far I’ve beaten the game on normal which was hard enough, took me a couple weeks, which boiled down to about 30 hours of play. The heart of this game beats in the combat. There are no stealth kills, or any other easy ways through a fight, except a lucky decapitation here and there. You are constantly faced with multiple enemies ranging from demon to armored soldiers with rocket launchers. The hard part is finding your opening. But once you do and get into the rhythm of the fight, you’ll find your a god damn killing machine. The variety of weapon and moves for each weapon, really make this one of the best action...

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