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Author: Ian Carlson

When I Finally Got Superman’s Dad

When I Finally Got Superman’s Dad by Ian Carlson I should preface this piece by stating that I am a lifelong, true-blue Superman fan. I grew up with the Christopher Reeves’ movies and a Super Powers action figure whose s-shield was well worn from constant backyard play. I was in grade school when The Death of Superman rocked the comic industry (and made the nightly news), and I’ve followed Supe’s adventures regularly since the time I could scrounge a few dollars to buy his books from the local newsstand (naturally progressing to a stellar local comic shop). When Bryan...

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Read This Now: The Demon Bear Saga

New Mutants There is no denying that the nostalgia factor for 80’s pop culture is at its zenith (and I’m loving every second of it). Saturday morning cartoons and cult movies from the era of “He-Man” and “Dark Crystal” are being rebooted on streaming services for new generations. Tweens born in the 2000s proudly adorn themselves in t-shirts with graphics from “The Breakfast Club” and “Heathers”. Yet nowhere is our obsession with the decade more prevalent than in the resurgence of horror fiction. Stephen King’s library of the macabre is making huge waves on both large and small screens...

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Spider-Man Homecoming

A Love Letter to the Greatest Teenage Voice Coming out of Spider-Man Homecoming I think it’s pretty obvious that if there is one superhero who works best as a teen, it’s Webhead. In a world populated by middle-aged heroes (and a geriatric super soldier or two), Marvel’s smartest move was giving audiences an adolescent hero with a fresh perspective that speaks to the kid in all of us. Marvel could have given us the adult Parker with all his man-child baggage, but I imagine when the writers sat down and asked themselves what is quintessential Spidey, they immediately thought...

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