2LDK, which is the abbreviation in Japan for a two bedroom apartment, with a living room, dining room and kitchen, is a film by director Yukihiko Tsutsumi and was made as part of a cinematic duel between himself and Ryuhei Kitamura, who made Versus Aragami. The rules set as part of the duel stated that the movie had to be filmed over seven days in one location with a small cast. 2LDK fit the role perfectly.

The films only stars are Eiko Koike as Nozomi, a small-town, educated, withdrawn soul who happens to be a virgin and Maho Nonami as Lana, an outgoing, big spending vixen. Nozomi and Lana are roommates who’ve both auditioned for the same role in a film and both are eager to get the part. Tempers flair as the evening progresses and a battle ensues that neither one will forget. The entire movie takes place in one night in their apartment. At first they appear to be friends, and talk and joke around, only to begin a psychological war that would turn deadly violent.

The film is pretty simple, two actresses, one apartment, one night, one battle. The story progresses in a very cliche’ fashion, the night begins fine, one pisses off the other, things get worse and worse until everyone’s true feelings are on the table. The violence is everything you could imagine and more, chainsaws, samurai swords, toilet cover, you name it and they probably use it to kill each other. In the end neither girl gets what she wants and they both wind up on the cutting room floor, if you get my drift.

2LDK was an entertaining movie, quick to the point and violent. It’s definitely something I’d recommend.