In this guide we’ll instruct you on how to unlock the Legendary Swords in Destiny: The Taken King. There are a few requirements that must be met before you can begin the process, but fear not because it should only take between 30-60 minutes to meet the requirements. Upon completion players will be able to purchase the Arc Edge, Sol Edge or Void Edge, bringing a new gameplay element into play.

s that you complete a quest from Eris Morn called, A Broken Will. Before you can do that, however, there are certain requirements that must be met. We’ll explain them all, getting you through this quest in about 30 minutes. When you’re done, you will have unlocked either the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge.

It’s important to remember to leave room in your inventory, if you do not when opening chests you will only receive Glimmer and none of the Hadium flakes that are required.

Unlocking “A Broken Will” Quest

To unlock the “A Broken Will” quest you must first complete all of the main story missions in Destiny: The Taken King. Once completed, a “Dread Patrol” quest will unlock, you will receive the quest from Cayde-6 in the Hall of Guardians in the Tower. You must also complete the “Dread Patrol” quest. After completing the quest, return to the Tower and speak with Eris Morn, she can be found at the foot of the steps in the Hall of Guardians at the Tower. She will offer you a new quest, “A Broken Will”. Accept the quest. Completing this quest will unlock one of three swords, the Void Edge, Sol Edge or Arc Edge sword.

There are rumors that the quest will also unlock after you fund your first Calcified Fragment, which can be obtained from the first mission, The Coming War. We have not tried this so we can’t comment on its truthfulness.

Speak to Lord Shaxx

As soon as you accept “A Broken Will” from Eris Morn, simply turn around walk over to and speak to Lord Shaxx, he will only be steps away from Eris’ location. Once you’ve spoken to him you will have completed the first portion of the quest. Now it’s time to head on back to the Dreadnaught to collect the necessary requirements to complete the quest.

You will need to farm 25 Hadium flakes, which will then be returned to Lord Shaxx, as well as 10 Motes of Light.

Patrol the Dreadnaught

As previously mentioned you will need to head on over to the Deadnaught, as it’s the only place that the Hadium Flakes are available. You can chose the Patrol option that is unlocked on the Dreadnaught map. The best location to farm Hadium Flakes is the Mausoleum. When you spawn in Patrol you will be in a region called the Hull Breach, head on down towards the ravine that’s located in the middle of the are you are in. It’s to the right of the Cabal ship that has crashed into the Dreadnaught.

Follow the winding ravine into the Mausoleum, it’s here that you can grab your 25 Hadium Flakes. There are 8 known locations of loot chests in the Mausoleum. It’s likely that you will not find all 8 immediately since once opened they can take a few minutes to respawn. There are several rooms off to the side of the region, inside each room a chest is available. When you open the chests you will receive the Hadium Flakes and some Glimmer. Keep doing laps around the Mausoleum until you’re able to get the required 25 Hadium Flakes. You will also find a chest next to the Cabal’s entrance, but beware of the fierce battle that will occur there. You can also find a chest in the exposed portion of the crashed Cabal ship, but to access it you will need to go up a ramp and jump into the area. If you find that the chests are not respawning quickly, head back to the Hull Breach area and then return. This will take you anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how lucky you get.

Reforging the Blade

Once you’ve acquired the 25 Hadium Flakes needed, return to the Tower and speak to Lord Shaxx one more time. Note that he won’t have an indicator letting you know he wants to chat, so you will need to start the conversation with him. Make sure that you also have 10 Motes of Light in your inventory as well as 25 resources of one of the following; Spinmetal, Helium Filaments, or Relic Iron. You will only need to use one type of resource, but the resource required changes based on the sword you choose. They are:

  • Arc Edge – 25 Spinmetal
  • Sol Edge – 25 Helium Filaments
  • Void Edge – 25 Relic Iron

It’s important to remember that each one will do a different type of damage. So we’d strongly advise you to choose the sword that you think would best suit your character. Keep in mind that you can get a sword for each one of your characters, if you have created three already, but of course you’ll have to repeat the quest two more times to get the other two.

To see the swords, just click on one of the images below!

Next Step – Exotic Sword

Of course there’s also the ability to forge your Legendary Sword into an Exotic Sword. This requires even more work, so keep an eye out for our next guide, Building an Exotic Sword!