David Marchione

David Marchione


8 Bit Soul is a site for anyone that fondly remembers the first time they played Super Mario Bros. Those that lost themselves in the worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. To anyone that has wondered just how powerful Superman is. For those that spent hours playing Tetris on a 1 color screen. 8 Bit Soul is here to discuss the things you love, new or old. We do it because we love these things, and we do it in our spare time.

We are setting out to establish and maintain a website focused on discussing and highlighting entertainment, particularly that which is related to geek culture. There are many review sites, and it would be very difficult to compete with full time review outlets. This is why we will focus on more cumulative knowledge and discussion. Our main focus is not establishing somethings worth in a numerical scale. We will strive to discuss thought provoking question, rejoice in accomplishments of work, or ponder the future.

This is still a concept, but we are interested in running a positive site. Only highlight things worth spending time on, and ignoring the crap (unless it’s so bad, it’s good). This stance is focused at reviews, not general discussions. Picking out an indie game and discussing how it failed on every level is not something we are looking for. A discussion about the one thing that indie game did right is something we are looking for. Here you are encouraged to focus your negative rants on topics. For instance, a discussion about a negative topic, i.e., “Why Free-to-Play Sucks” would be perfectly acceptable. It’s a fine line, but this is one way we decide where an article falls… It’s easy to critique and difficult to create, and we will respect the effort of creation regardless of if we found merit in their attempt. Much like consumers vote with money, we will vote with publicity.

We hope you like it.