The latest version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or just TMNT as they’re now being called, has been called the easiest game to receive achievements in and that’s pretty much spot on. Developers Ubisoft revive the TMNT series and thankfully we don’t get any of the “cowabunga dude” that was so widespread during the Turtle’s heyday back in the late ’80’s. It’s now been replaced with “heeeres Johnny” marking the return of the lean mean turtles that originated on pages of the comic. Ubisoft has created a pure arcade version of TMNT that restores hope in the turtles in a half shell. No more campiness, well for the most part.

TMNT is a single player game, which begs the question of why? There are four Turtles; Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello, or as they’re known in the game; Leo, Raph, Mike and Don. You’d think Ubisoft would have tried to make TMNT a two or four player game, since you know it’s a group of turtles. Online multi-player is also lacking in the game.

TMNT is based on the new CGI movie that was released in March. Taking place in the Turtles home city New York, it places them against a new breed of enemy, supernatural creatures, street thugs, and the familiar foot ninja clan. The plot deals with solo missions from each of the turtles with a spotlight on Raph as he gets adventures as his alter ego the Night Watcher. The plot jumps from solo missions, to all four turtles, and ends off with a classic end battle that ties up the story nicely.

Leonardo’s solo episodes track him in a distant jungle searching for a medallion that was hidden by Master Splinter. Across the way he encounters a village that is being threatened by thugs. Raphael as the Night Watcher handles crime one villain at a time leading into a mix up with Max Winter which turns into the main plot line. Donatello solo mission has him searching the sewers for electronics, and Mikeys has the turtles dressed up as a turtle selling persona that has to leap high above the city which tests your platforming skills. Each solo level teaches the player how to use each Turtles special move along with increasing the difficulty level of the fighting sequences and platforming aspects.

TMNT is played through a static camera angle that moves along with the environment. There’s a great deal of acrobatic jumping along with the standard button mashing. Following coins across levels will land you in some areas that can be breathtakingly high in the air, along with underground environments filled with traps. Since TMNT is geared towards the younger crowd, TMNT is a breeze for any experienced gamer, but might be just enough for a new gamers, or youngster. It’s no joke when people say it’s an easy 1000 achievement points.

For extra replay Ubisoft has added a small amount of extra features and unlockables. The unlockables come in the form of movie clips, and art, along with character enhancements like big heads, and Halloween costumes on the bad guys. These can be purchased with coins you obtain through the normal gameplay. The other extra mode is an area filled with challenge maps that are unlocked by ranking an A, or higher in during each level in the game. These areas have a weird frame look like Tron, and have you in little jumping, or fighting sequences looking to get the fastest time.

TMNT is a pure arcade action game that reminisces with the Turtles arcade game of the past. TMNT is perfect for what it is, but it definitely could have been a lot more. Adding in the short span of time it takes you to complete TMNT it would be hard for me to recommend you to buy it. Instead I’d say it’s worth a rental, or borrow it from a friend if they bought it.