The wonders of Narnia never became part of my childhood. Hell, I never even heard of it until the movie was being made. Going into the movie I didn’t know what to expect. I only have one real complaint about this movie. It came out after Lord of the Rings. Yes, I’ve heard they are classics & I shouldn’t compare. I respond to that comment simply, “shut up”.

Had this movie come out before LoTR, I would have enjoyed it twice as much as I did in the post LoTR era which we now live. The story was entertaining. The characters actually grow on you. The visuals are beautiful. Even though the movie was two and a half hours long I felt like I was missing something. I felt like I should read the book, to see what history of Narnia I was missing out on from only watching the movie.

This movie did remind me of a movie from my childhood; The Never Ending Story. As a kid I loved that movie… eh, I still do. I think Narnia will be the Never Ending Story for the kids of today. It may be overshadowed by the computer graphic classics like Shrek but I think that this movie is good enough to shine through.

As far as the whole religious controversy going on about this movie. Who the hell cares? Shut the *bleep* up. Our country has gotten so *$%! over stupid *bleep*. Sit down and Enjoy, bring the kids, younger relatives, or fantasy fans.