Shunya Yamashita Character Series

Vol. 1 Canal (Kanaru) 1/7 Scale PVC Figure


From the worlds of fantasy to a utopian technological future, Shunya Yamashita’s artwork has brought them to life. Best known for his character design work for Square Enix on their fantasy role-playing games, Yamashita also creates original character designs, and the Shunya Yamashita Character Series: Kanaru statue presents one of his futuristic designs. Standing 8 1/4″ tall and sporting a headgear of goggles and an air processor on her back, Kanura combines Yamashita’s sensualized artwork with a technological femininity. The future is gorgeous when Shunya Yamashita designs it, and this statue belongs in the collection of any fan of his art.

This is a fantastic figure, well sculpted especially in the face. I’m a huge fan of Yamashita’s artwork and they did an excellent job bringing her to life. She can stand upright without the base; getting her onto the base was a bit of work. The peg holes in her feet were a bit smaller than the actual pegs. Took some careful working to get them to expand enough to slip her on the pegs.




Material: PVC
Height: 8.25 inches
Sculptor: Tatsuhiro Fujiwara
Design: Shunya Yamashita
Manufacturer: Art Storm