Let me start by saying that this is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. The last of the Vengeance trilogy, Park Chan-Wook really outdid himself on this one. Lady Vengeance revolves around Geum-ja, played by Lee Young-ae, a beautiful girl who gains noteriety when she’s arrested and charged for the abduction and murder of a six year old boy. But there’s some doubt as to her true role in the crime and after 13 years in jail, Geum-ja seeks revenge on her former teacher, Mr Baek, played by Oldboy’s Choi Min-sik.

Geum-ja plots her way through 13 years in jail all the while befriending her fellow inmates, which earned her a plethora of friends who are willing to help her on the outside by offering her work, housing and help in plotting her revenge on Mr. Baek. As the film progresses we get to see her intricate planning unfold in surprising fashion. There are moments of brilliance in this film; one of the final scenes has the parents of the murdered children reaping revenge on the killer in brutal fashion. Park’s portrayal of emotions makes you sympahtize with Geum-ja and the families of the kidnapped kids.

I found this to be on par with Park’s second film of the vengeance trilogy, Oldboy. The movie gives you twists and turns throughout providing a satisfying ending. This is definitely one to check out.