Until reading the New Avengers I could readily admit that I’ve never been much of a fan of Doctor Strange, which is why I’m glad to say that Marvel’s fourth animated direct-to-dvd movie was a great way to get into the good Doctor. The movie is essentially an origin story of how Dr. Stephen Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme.

The movie follows Strange’s origins close to that told in the comic book, with a few changes to allow for its condensed length. Although the movie is somewhat short we do get to see it all, from Strange’s days as an egotistical doctor, to the tragic car accident that took away use of his prized hands, to his rise as master of the mystic arts and ultimately becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. The nice thing about this movie is that they made Strange unlikeable, you didn’t feel sad for him after his accident. Part of you actually felt that he got some sort of justice.  It’s safe to say that Doctor Strange wasn’t made for the kids, it’s definitely got an adult feel to it and mix that with the very dark look to the movie and you could easily say that it was geared towards adults.

The movie unfolds in the typical origin fashion. We watch him train, get betrayed, and come into his own during his first big battle. Some might find an origin story uninteresting, but here we get to see Strange’s transformation from an arrogant surgeon to master of the mystic arts. The origin is handled well in a short amount of time and amounts to a great a jumping on point for those unfamiliar with the Sorcerer Supreme. With quality animation and sound, and a more adult themes story it’s safe to say that Doctor Strange will appeal to fans and non-fans alike.