Pixar’s latest release ensures one thing as far as CGI animation is concerned, they’re gods. Yet I still came away from this movie feeling that it wasn’t as enchanting as some of their previous films such as The Incredibles, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo. Cars is still a good movie, but it just didn’t hit me as other Pixar movies have. Story was at least.

Cars is about a cocky rookie race car named Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, who get’s caught up in winning the coveted Piston Cup. During the last race of the season there’s a three way tie so the series has no clear winner so the top three cars have to head out to California to race each other to decide who will be crowned Piston Cup Champion. While traveling to California McQueen get’s detoured to a small town called Radiator Springs, found on the once thriving Route 66. Once at Radiator Springs McQueen has to perform some community service, due to a little accident he had trying to find his way back to the Interstate, before he can leave and participate in the Cup finale.

Along the way McQueen meets up with a bevy of unique characters. Most notably are Mater, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, the rusty redneck tow truck, Doc Hudson, voiced by Paul Newman, the 1950’s hornet, Filmore, voiced by George Carlin, the stoner VW van, Sally, voiced by Bonnie Hunt, the Porsche McQueen falls for and Guido the fork lift.

For some the movie may drag a little in the mid-section. However, its the little touches that Pixar throws in that keep the film engaging and funny. The cars eat at gas station diners and sleep in garage motels. In one of the most memorable scenes Mater and McQueen go truck tipping. And it’s this ability to create alternate universes while giving these objects human characteristics that make Pixar films so memorable. Pixar, true to form, adds some adult humor that’s sure to pass over the kids heads but bring a little smirk to adults everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, Cars is a good story with absolutely superb animation and humor for both adults and kids alike, but it’s not their best effort when it comes down to the story. It’s definitely worthy of a family trip to the movie theater, that is if you can afford it with the prices these days.