Afghan Knights is one of those movies you rent and wish you didn’t. The movie revolves around an ex-Special Forces team returning to Afghanistan to provide an escort for a local Afghan warlord named Ahmad, played by Francesco Quinn, out of Afghanistan. The extraction operation is set up by ex-CIA operative Cooper, played by Michael Madsen, a spook that was on a mission with the team when they lost one of their teammates Jonathan, played by Chris Kramer. The lost teammate also happened to be the brother-in-law of the team leader known as Pepper, played by Steve Bacic. Once in Afghanistan the team meets up with a former SAS operative named Nash, played by Gary Stretch, and the team departs on their mission where there’s danger and supernatural mischief all around them.

Right from the start there’s trouble, and cheesy dialogue. There are so many stereotypical and cliched characters in this movie that it’s enough to want to make you turn it off within the first twenty minutes. For some unkown reason I decided to stick with it though, knowing I couldn’t fully judge the movie unless I sat through the entire thing. Having said that I might have been better off turning it off, I would have saved myself the anguish of watching a movie that was confused as to what it wanted to do. It starts off as an action film, then the film suddenly becomes a quasi horror film. Unfortunately it fails in both settings. The premise is intriguing, it’s just that a poor script coupled with poor acting and poor production values doesn’t help it. Afghan Knights would best be suited as a SciFi Saturday night movie or something that you’d find on Showtime Extreme. It’s a B movie pure and simple and it never gives the impression that it wants to be anything else.

To say that the movie is forgettable would be kind. The only reason I’m giving this movie a half a star is because they suckered someone to fund this thing and that in and of itself deserves some credit.