Ghost Rider, from director Mark Steven Johnson also known as the man that ruined Daredevil, is another attempt to cash in on the comic book craze going on in Hollywood. Only this time they took a relatively unkown character and failed. Unlike Blade, another unknown character, Ghost Rider had a poor script and an even worse director. Nicolas Cage plays Johnny Blaze, a daredevil motorcycle stuntman who made a deal years ago with Mephistopheles, played by Peter Fonda, to save his father’s life as the elder Blaze was dying of cancer.

In return, Blaze has been made into the Ghost Rider, Mephistopheles’ personal bounty hunter. Now, Mephistopheles is collecting and it’s the Ghost Riders turn to bring in the bounty. It turns out the devil’s son, Blackheart, played by Wes Bentley, wants to out do dad by making his own hell on earth. After battling his own transformation into the Ghost Rider, Blaze is able to overcome Blackheart and his minions. All of it was entirely too predictable for its own good.

Ghost Rider isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s close. It’s a movie with inconsistent quality, extremely cheesy lines, cheesy acting and poor directing. Wes Bently couldn’t have done a worse job acting and every time I saw him I wanted to laugh, he was that bad. Eva Mendes, playing Blaze’s romantic counterpart, also did a terrible job. I honestly don’t think i’ve seen such cheesy acting in a long time. The visual effects weren’t bad, but weren’t as good as you’d expect. Blackheart and his minions looked good, but Ghost Riders skeleton looked fake and out of place.

Only three words can adequetly describe this movie… Pure unadulterated crap.